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Granite is an igneous rock. It is denser, harder and less porous than marble as a result of having been through more heat and pressure during its formation. It is suitable for kitchen worktops, bathroom worktops and tiles and flooring especially in high traffic areas. It is frost resistant so it can be used outside. For anti-slip qualities, it can be supplied in rougher finishes, including honed, brushed, flamed or flamed and brushed. It is our most popular kitchen countertop material next to engineered quartz.

Granite kitchen countertops and/or work surfaces are the ideal choice for your home or business, providing a high level of durability and unmatched aesthetic appeal.
One of the great benefits of granite is that it comes in a wide range of colours.

These colours are naturally created when the stone is formed, and can include variations of colours such as white, black, grey, blue, brown, red, green and yellow. This amazing variance in colour can also be attributed to the presence of other elements within the rock. This unique variety means that granite can be one of the most versatile choices for kitchen countertops. No matter what the colour scheme of your kitchen, bathroom or work space, you are sure to find granite countertops to complement it perfectly.

Due to the vast range of natural patterns and colours that we have available at any one time, we invite you to arrange a visit to our factory, as we must emphasise that there is no substitute for inspecting physical samples in person, to appreciate the colour and texture of the materials.

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